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Purpose of usage

Emrisan  Bitumen Tanker Semi-Trailer

Bitumen tanker semi-trailers can have according to customer demand 2/3/4/5 axles. The tank body can be produced according to the thickness demanded. Unlike other tankers, bitumen tanker trailers have an inbuild heating system operated with the diesel generator run broilers and compressors to empty the asphalt still hot at the road construction side.

Used to transport also HFO, Emirsan bitumen tankers may have a capacity from 22 000-70 000 and 2/3/4/ axle, single or double tire combinations with air or mechanic suspension. 

Product features

Tank Details:

- Tank body will be produced from 5mm abrasion resistant steel of 400-450 Brinell hardness on tank

- Heating will be enabled via four closed system u shape pipes running throughout the tank interior (11 meter) 8” - 6 mm heating pipes.

“4 " – “6”mm pipe with valve for discharging

- 2 x Manhole Covers, 400 mm ST37 quality

- Access ladder SDM welded pipe and walking path

- Welding applied in flat position by automatic arc welding machine

-Cover metal sheet 1.2 mm St 37 painted according to customer demands

-Heating via a diesel broiler attached at the back


-Insulation 1o cm Terrawool Rabbitz Wire Stone Wool Blanket



-Main Beams are made of 120 X 14 mm , St 52 , Complete without any welding


-Hub plate consists of 6 mm Complete through chassis lenght , ST 52 A1


-Welding of the beams with automatic welding machines, Submerged Arc


-Octopus System for the connection of the chassis


-Rubber magnets are placed at regular distance on chassis main beam, between chassis and body to prevent wearing and noise


- 2 Main chassis are welded to through crossing members, 8 mm St 52


-King Pin support enabled via the King Pin surrounded by 12 mm U type crossing members


-Landing Gear consists of Jost type double speed landing gear with 24 tons dynamic, 50 tons static load capacity.  

-Bumper Pads are fixed on the chassis for reducing noise and decay pulses, 8 pcs of bumper pads, resistant to high temperatures and strikes, made of EPDM material




-3 X 12 Ton Payload Capacity TÜV Certified MPD Axles

-Air suspension

- Automatic Brake Chamber

- Adjustable Arms

Tires & Rims:

-6 x 385/65 R22,5 Starmaxx tires

- 6 Jantas or Jantsan R22,5 rims



-Water Tank

-Spare tyre carrier

-Fire extinguisher holder

-Tool Box

-Access Ladder

-Cat Walking manually operated


Brake System:


-Dual Line Brake System

-Automatic Slack adjuster

-Brake Chambers sizes  24 X 30 and 30 X 30 ,

-Air tanks  80 + 80 lt capacity

-Distribution of air by plastic hoses 8 – 12 size

-All fittings to be steel ( Brass )  to prevent any leakage in brake system ,


Electrical System:

-Sa-Ba or Sertplas Brand 

-2x7 pin sockets - 24V, lights according to SAE standards

-Rear stop lamps, side marker lamps, brake safety warning lamps and signal light

-2 tail & stop combined lamps (red)

-2 turn signal combined lamps (orange)

-1 license plate lamp (white)

-Electrical system is suitable for European Norms with flameproof cables