About Us

Company Profile

Emirsan Treyler Mak. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. is a company manufacturing lowbeds, flatbeds, tipper trailers, scrap tipper trailers, millennium type cement tanker trailers, banana type cement tanker trailers, asphalt tankers, oil tankers, bitumen tankers, LPG tankers, slurry tankers, and custom-made trailers with an experience on international markets since 2003. Located at the heart of Turkey, in the city of Rumi- Konya, the semi-trailer product range has been extended day by day. Currently, EMIRSAN TRAILERS has an experience in producing more than 30 different trailers. Furthermore, with the custom-made trailers on individual bases, EMIRSAN TRAILER is the answer to your transportation needs. The inquiry of products with          sign is the first step for a long-lasting partnership.

Vision & Mission

The vision of the EMIRSAN TRAILERS is realized by the products itself. Long-lasting customer satisfaction and product quality. The vision of EMIRSAN TRAILERS is to leave a legacy customer satisfaction and products used over generations. Hereby, EMIRSAN TRAILERS also considers environmentally friendly production. Hence, the roof of the 10 000 square meters closed production area is covered with solar panels to nullify CO2 emission.  The ultimate aim is to inherit a planet worth living to the future generations. The idea of environment friendly production is highlighted in the production process and recycling is capitalized. Hence, throughout the production process no scrap of metal, no piece of plastic, no cartoon box is dumped into regular garbage. Trust on the roads can only established if there are still roads in a world worthwhile travelling on.

Quality Policy

Since 2003, the sign stands for longevity and quality.
Due to the long lasting product quality, we have on 5 continents and more than 80 countries partners advertising our products on voluntary basis. Even after centuries, our partners never have second
thoughts about the purchase of made trailers. Although the initial warranty covers the first year, there was so far inquiry about Emirsan made items but for the parts wearing out with time such as mudguards, tires, etc. only.