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Heavy Duty Tasks Made Easier with Emirsan Trailers Worldwide

The rock type tipper trailers produced by emirsan ease the work on mining pitchs.  These heavy duty type tippers ensure long lasting customer satisfaction and will be a symbol of "Trust

Solutions Tailored to Customer Needs

At Emirsan Trailors we provide solutions tailored to individual customers needs. Hereby, we put the benefits of our customers to the fore and try to provide best transportation solutions. 

Into the Depths of Middleeast...

Ready for container haulage but not able to carry the burden of anybody. These two flatbeds will carry to 40 feet containers or 4 x 20 feet under heavy condtions hit the road to serve mankind in

20 Ft, 30 ft, 40 ft Container Carrier Flatbed Semi Trailer

Emirsan Turkey is also a manufacturer of container carrier flatbed trailers. 20 ft container, 30 ft container, 40 container carriers are produced in capacities according to wheelbase numbers. Wit

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