Extendable Lowbed Semi Trailer is a flagship product offered by Emirsan, a trusted manufacturer in the trailer industry. This Semi trailer, also known as the Lowbed trailer, has been designed to cater to various types of transportation needs, especially heavy-duty tasks. One of its primary applications lies within the construction sector, providing a platform to safely transport heavy machinery such as excavators and drilling machines.

The Low bed semi trailer, apart from its robust construction, boasts a telescopic type axle system, allowing it to handle variable loads and extend to fit machinery of different dimensions. The trailer's capacity to bear heavy weights is commendable, making it apt for transporting not just machinery but also other high-weight materials like concrete beams. Emirsan ensures that the material used in crafting this vehicle is of the highest quality, ensuring durability and safety.

Every model of the Lowbed trailer is equipped with a hydraulic ramp, facilitating easy loading and unloading of equipment. Depending on the weight and type of load, the Low bed trailer can be customized with a varying number of axles, ranging from 2 to 8. The vehicle also features a sturdy brake system, ensuring safety during transportation.

Emirsan's Low bed semi trailer is not just limited to construction. Its high transportation capacity makes it an ideal choice for industries like oil and gas, where heavy equipment transport is frequent. With options to buy or rent, Emirsan offers this product with multiple tire and height configurations, catering to different needs. The trailer's landing gear and gooseneck design further add to its technical prowess.

In summary, if you're in the market for a reliable and technical trailer solution, Emirsan's Extendable Lowbed Semi Trailer is the product to consider. With its heavy-duty construction, adaptability, and ability to handle different types of loads, it stands out as a top choice for transportation needs. Whether it's heavy machinery or materials, this trailer is designed to deliver. For more details on its specifications, dimensions, and offers, contact Emirsan today.




Semi Trailer Main Structure

Product Type & Model

Lowbed Semi-Trailer

Chassis Type


Chassis Platform Type

Flat, pool or front loaded platform options

Main Chassis Material

ST-52 (S355JR) material "I" profile is prduced with gas welding, it has high-quality strength, produced accoridng to the 98/91 EEC standards (Optional special steel for light weight design)

Chassis Floor Material

Structurally reinforced sheet base, the top of the wheels in 9.240 mm (for 4-axle type)  platform length are drop-patterned steel and the rest of the platform has hardwood cover with 45 mm thickness

Chassis Extension

6.200 mm (Optional chassis extension with any length in technical limits)

Fifth Wheel Height

1.250 mm (for 4-axle type) (Optional design with any size)


8.100 mm (for 4-axle type) (Optional design with any size)

External Length

13.190 mm (for 4-axle type) (Optional design with any size)

Gooseneck Length

3.950 mm (for 4-axle type) (Optional design with any size)

Platform Length

9.240 mm (for 4-axle type) (Optional design with any size)

Total Height from Ground

3.500 mm (The maximum height is variable according to the slope of the ramp in its open position)

Semi-Trailer Platform Height

Optional design from 875 mm to 1.100 mm

Total Width

2.550 mm - If side extension brackets available +600 mm (Optional design with any size)

Semi Trailer Tare Weight

11.5 Tons (for 4-axle type) (Varies with optional properties design)

Semi Trailer Gross Weight

60 Tons (Optional design up to 96 tons, for 4-axle type)

Rear Ramp

2 way motion (Optional 4 way motion and optional foldable type design)

Steering System

Self-steering (Optional mechanical or hydraulic steering system)

Semi Trailer Axle Specification

Number of Axles

2-3-4-5-6-7-8 axles

Axle Brake Type

Drum brake type (Optional disc brake type)

Each Axles Capacity

9 tons capacity (Optional up to 18 tons)

Each Sequence Twin/Single Wheel

Twin wheel (Depends on tire dimension)

Number of Liftable Axles and Position

Only front axle as standard

Number of Steered Axles and Position

Optional other options

Type of Steered Axles

Optional mechanical or hydraulic steering

Semi Trailer Suspension Equipment

Suspension Type

Air suspension and equipment's (Optional any type)

Suspension Bellows and Type

818 Type suspension bellows

Springs and Type

Parabolic double decked Z spring or other types

Shock Absorbers

Standard shock absorbers equipment

Trailer Tires & Rims Specifications

Tire Dimensions

245/70 R 17.6 dimension (Optional any compatible size)

Rim Dimensions

17.5X6.75 steel rims with standard tire dimension

Total Tire & Rim Unit

With 245/70 R 17.5 option, totally 16 units (for 4-axle type)

Other Compatible Tire Sizes

235/75 R 17.5 - 245/70 R 17.5 - 295/60 R 22.5 - 12 R 22.5 - 315/80 R 22.5 or any size within compatible

Semi Trailer Brake System

Air Line

Standard Dual circuit brake hardware

Brake System

EBS, 2S/2M (Optional 4S/3M or 4S/4M) WABCO or KNORR brand (Optional only ABS System)

Extension Brake Module
If chassis extension available, additional air and electrical signal accelerator hardware
Additional Brake Module

Optional additional I-Level, smart board or any similar brake module

Brake Slack Adjusters

Automatic type

Brake Bellows

30” Service brake bellows, 30x30” emergency brake bellows (Optional any size)

Trailer Brake Regulation

Compatible with 'UN ECE R13' regulation

Semi Trailer Electrical Equipment

Electrical Input Voltage

Standard 24V, optional 12V

Socket Type

Standard 7 (optional 15 pins) NATO type or any type distribution cable

Additional Electrical Connection

Directly battery connection sockets (24V, + and -) in front of the gooseneck for the power unit

Ex-Proof Compatibility

Available as optional

Lighting Functions
Brake, signal, stop, reversing and fog lights, side lights, reversing lights, license plate lights
Reflector application suitable for traffic regulations
Blackout Lambs
Available as optional
Rotating Lamp
Rotating lamp for warning

Semi Trailer Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Control Unit

Available with only optional hydraulic steering mechanism

Hydraulic Power Unit

24 volt electrical mini power-unit for ramp

Pump and Type

Needed with only optional P.T.O. ramp connecting line


If necessary, provided by the user according to the vehicle type

Hydraulic Cylinder(s) and Type

Double acting ramp cylinders

Hydraulic Valve(s) and Type

1 or 2 unit flow divider compatible with ramp type

Oil Tank Capacity

10 - 25 liter according to ramp type

Hydraulic Connection and Type

If available, standard hydraulic connection from vehicle

User Control

Command control system by user

Hydraulic Winch

Optional hydraulic pull winch with any capacity


Other Standard Equipment

King Pin

2” bolt-connected, interchangeable with 3½" (D:152 kN - Type: H50-X)

Landing Legs

Telescopic landing gears mechanical with two speeds, static 50 tons capacity

Additional Supporting Legs

Additional mechanical lockable legs at rear as optional

Side Extension Brackets

25 cm and lockable side extension brackets at each side as optional

Ro-Ro Rings

6 + 6 ro-ro connection rings at each sides as optional

Safety Link of Rear Ramp

Easily removable safety connection

Lockable Cabinets

2 lockable cabinets on gooseneck

Spare Tire Holder

1 spare tire holder (optional 2) in front of the gooseneck

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

1 unit fire extinguisher tube and cabinet

Parking Chock with Handle

1 set parking chock with handle

Spray Suppression EU 109/2011

Spray suppressions compatible with EU 109/2011

Labels / Sheets

NSAI, e24*2018/858*00058*00 numbered, type approval certificated chassis label


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