At EMIRSAN TRAILER production begins long before the first welding.  Initially customers all over the world reach EMIRSAN TRAILER via various B2B sites such as Autoline, Machinio, etc. and ask for custom made trailers. Hereby, they reach out to EMIRSAN TRAILER representatives via e-mail, telephone, or social media. After pinpointing customers’ needs and demands, the onsite mechanical engineer and technical drawer focus on the semitrailer demanded. 

Quality does not like coincidences. Trust on the road cannot be established without quality.  At EMİRSAN Treyler Makina Sanayi & Ticaret Limited Şirketi, the production is shaped by the customers’ needs and demands. According to the wishes of customers, onsite company mechanical engineer and technical drawer roll up their sleeves to draw the three-dimensional picture of the trailer to be produced. The parts of the trailer are also produced three dimensionally and ordered from the metal sheet provider depending on the project and customer demand. The teams responsible for chassis weld the crossings based on the technical drawing received. The body is produced simultaneously by another team. According to the semitrailer body to be produced the foreman of the teams vary whether it is a tanker, tipper, cement tanker trailer. Hereby, each foreman brings up several aides to continue in their unexpected absence and for the uninterrupted continuity of the production process.  Master apprentice relationship is present within every team. The members of the teams circulate with each project for educative purposes. Since 2003 there have been at least two dozen professionals educated at EMIRSAN TRAILERS. After the production of the body and chassis, the onsite painters sandblast the trailers and administer epoxy grey primer. Subsequently, according to customer demanded RAL Codes, two layers of paint are sprayed on the semi trailers. Before each painting procedure the microns are measured via a film coating thickness gauge by the quality control personnel. After the coating and signal warning sign are attached, on site electricians and pneumatic experts mount the electric and brake lines. Finally, the engineer and technical drawer control for the last time the semi-trailers to be send out. EMIRSAN TRAILER encourages and supports the education and schooling of its personnel. Hence, each co-worker has the necessary certification indicating mastery and diploma required to do their tasks efficiently. Trust on the roads does not result from the coincidence but through the harmonized cooperation of all co-workers from the top to the bottom at site. The resulting quality and customer satisfaction is rolling on five continents and more than 80 countries.

The harmony in production is reflected to the customers as well. EMİRSAN Treyler Makina Sanayi & Ticaret Limited Şirketi considers its customers as partners in a long-term relationship. Hence, we almost have partners almost as old as cooperate history all over the globe ranging from the Baltic Countries to Sub-Saharan Africa, from continental Europe to Middle east, from Haiti to the Micronesia and Americas. We deliver our trailers with the easiest and most cost-effective transport solutions to all overseas countries from Costa Rica to Sri Lanka. Every day, the personnel at Emirsan TRAILERS work to deliver trust on the roads via land and sea to our partners since 2003.